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For cats, we have the option of a standard cattery boarding unit which can accommodate up to 3 cats from the same home. Units have a full size bedroom cabin, with bedding provided and the option of a heated bed in the winter and each unit has its own spacious run attached with its own activity post. 

Our luxury suites come with tiled floors, fully heated bedroom cabins in the winter, luxury furnishings, large Cleo pet scratch posts and TVs ... ‘yes’, their own TVs!

In our luxury units, cats are given the choice of premium cat food and even the option to drink from their own water fountain, and are treated to a daily groom and teeth clean. We also use Feliway electric diffuser's to comfort and reassure your cat in a change of surroundings.


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“I won't board my cat anywhere else. Lovely owners at 5 Star Felsted who really care. Nothing is too much trouble.”


“My cat arrived home from 5 Star Felsted calm and unperturbed and not the bundle of nerves we were expecting. The cattery has recently opened a luxury set of suites and due to lack of spaces the cat is booked into these for the near future...we'll never get him to come home!”

Stebbing Road, Felsted, Essex CM6 3LQ

Telephone 01371 822 821

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